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3 Ways to Write Content Quicker

Speed is very crucial for any efficient writer. Most writers understand that you need to have the top-notch grammar and well-researched material to produce quality content. These two key points are essential but we forget another equally important factor, speed. Many writers have perfect grammar and are excellent researchers but have varying speeds when producing great content. Your writing speed might be the missing link that will give you an advantage over other writers. 

Here are three ways to write content quicker.

1. Increase your Typing speed.

Typing speed is measured by Words per Minute (wpm). If you want to write content quicker, then you will have to increase your typing speed. The average speed of a professional writer is 50 to 80 words per minute (wpm). Some typists even reach a speed of 120 wpm. Imagine all the content you could write with this speed. Like all skills, this one is also developed by practice. Practice makes perfect. If you have to look at your keyboard as you type to confirm the position of the letters, then you need to practice. There are many typing soft-wares out there that are guaranteed to increase your typing speed. UltraKey and Typesy are good examples.

2. Make short notes

Do your research and then make brief notes. Do not make the mistake of writing content directly from the sources. Read all your reference sources, understand, and write short notes. These quick notes will be your guideline in writing your content. This will make it much faster to produce original content that is free from plagiarism. Making short notes will also ensure that you understand the material well before writing anything

3. Type then Edit

Type all the work then do the formatting and editing later. Most writers make the mistake of typing and editing simultaneously. This will hinder your speed and progress significantly as editing takes time, and it is better if done once. Unfortunately, many writers are perfectionists and claim that they have a type of OCD that can’t let them continue writing the content without correcting errors. Their thought limits them. Write content and ignore all the mistakes and grammatical issues and then edit your content, after all, is done. You will find out that you may reduce the time you use by half, and thus you will write your content quicker.

Remember, taking time to sharpen an ax is better than using that time to cut a tree with a dull ax.