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How to write better content for social media

Writing is not easy. Leave alone writing for social media, but everyone would think they can write well. It is until you sit down by the keyboard you find that you don’t know how to write.

Enough said. This was not a critique post but rather a helpful one on how to write better content for social media. Well, you may have read about this subject a million times, and you are about to do it now. No one has ever died of knowing too much, so go ahead and read the post.

Use clear titles

The primary reason why your blog posts never get a single click may be your choice of titles. You are a fun of abstract topics, but readers are not. They want a title that summarizes your articles or videos.

Diversify your content

Words and chunks of them will not give you any better results. Add to them some animation, videos, and creative graphics. Modern readers are lazy. If they would get a picture to summarize your content, you will be their champion. Give them what they want, and you will be the sweet song they will never stop to sing.

Create useful content

Every social media writer is yearning for the most clicks. Even as I write this post, I’m praying that it gets millions of clicks from readers. But that should never be a reason enough to write for the sake of it. You have to create helpful content. From time to time, give your readers a solution to a problem they may have. Teach them how to fix a problem at home or whatever thing you deem helpful. 

Be humorous

Will, a reader who has had a bad day laugh just because your social media content stirs up their happiness? Humor should be part of your content. Do not sound too serious about scaring your audience. Make them feel comfortable, even when you are talking about a serious matter. Put a smile on someone, and they will keep coming to you.

Be brief 

Who said that you could not pass a clear message in 150 words? It is a misconception, and you should outgrow it. You can have your post short, but be sure to pass your message. 

Be current 

Who wants to read on things that happened last month while a lot is going on today? Your content has to be on what is happening. Give readers what they want; that is a sure bait to make your content great.