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How to Find Your Way to a Successful Writing Career

In the last decade, there has been plenty of changes in how we conduct our writing business.  Experiment with your writing in all its forms, short, long, and in-between — writer what you want to write and take it to the limit. Now you have to admit, that sounds like it could be fun!

Too often, writers are so uptight about getting it right that they spend the day in and day out studying the market, taking notes, determining whatís selling, who is doing the buying before long they have forgotten why they chose writing as a career. Writers spend a great deal of time worrying about what to write and who their big audience will be.

Itís time to look outside the box, even if you do it just for a little while. If you were to play, what would it look like to you? If you usually write long, then try to write short. If youíve never played with poetry, then now is a good time to do just that. If you are a genre writer, it’s time to try a different genre than the one you are comfortable with. Whatís the worst thing that can happen if you play?

Perhaps you have had an idea brewing around in the back of your mind for a while now. You know that idea that you just have not yet put to paper, yet it awakens you, itís there while you are out for a walk, it is ready to be awoken. Take a month or two and let it out ñ have some fun with it.

After you’ve taken on this exercise in play, you can begin to think more about how to expand your horizons as a writer in a market that likely looks much different than when you first started writing. While things are certainly different in todayís day and age, you can still have a successful writing career that is rewarding and pays well. You need to decide which direction you wish to follow with your writing career today.

Take a chance and explore the many different writing career opportunities that the modern world has to offer. Whether you are looking for writing opportunities online such as writing articles, e-books, content for websites, or writing for the new book formats like Kindle, itís exciting and refreshing. Take advantage of it all and grow your writing career. The latest success is just around the corner.

3 Top Tips for Freelance Writers

If you want to be a highly in-demand freelance writer, there are some guidelines that you should follow to popularize yourself to potential clients and readers. As such, this article highlights a few surefire ideas to boost your freelance writing career. Read on to discover the 3 top tips for writers.

1. Don’t Overdwell on Writing Mechanics

As you may have already noticed, most well-liked writers do not have the formidable linguistic grasp of a language professor. A significant number of famous freelance writers do not even have college degrees. The secret of highly rated freelancers in writing lies in churning out engaging content that entertains their readers. However, this does not give you the license to turn out a lackluster copy full of glaring grammatical errors and typos. Don’t overthink the intricate writing mechanisms that are taught in university language classes. Instead, focus on the people who will savor the content – give them exactly what they want, and the few slip-ups you make will get lost in the excitement your content elicits. 

2. Readers Identify with Distinct Personalities

If readers find you engaging or exciting, then they will faithfully read the whole of your write-ups. While observing fundamental language rules helps you pass the necessary tests of competent freelancing, you should never overlook the central concept that readers would like to feel entertained in the end. If you doubt this, consider what the average TV celebrity famous. It is unique in them. As such, you ought to establish an exciting personality that gives your audience all the fun and entertainment they want. 

3. Readers Like Rumors and Secrets

The most widely read blogs are those that report shocking facts and secrets. Even though this does not mean that you should circulate inaccurate information about people or things, make sure that your content always has something new for the reader. Note that you can be rightfully sued if you deliberately publish seditious or libelous misinformation that portrays others in an unfavorable light. Nobody will think much about your work as a freelancer if you only include obvious details. Instead of creating fallacious claims that do not have any merit or accuracy, do a lot of research to ensure that you have a new grasp of people and things that go beyond the scope of the average reader. As a result, you need to understand the knowledge depth of your readers. Your content should always be tailored to suit the unique audience for which you write.

Being a Successful Freelance Writer

If you love to write and would like to make a career of it, we have some excellent news for you! You can become a successful freelance writer in just a short time. Freelance work is undoubtedly the way of today. It has benefits for everyone involved.

Employers who need freelance writing services for a short period avoid the hassles of hiring and laying off. Freelance writers control their schedules ñ when they are available, the type of work they choose to take on, and what rates they will charge, which can vary depending on the project.

The first step to becoming a successful freelance writer is to become established. If you have been writing before this, you will already have built credibility. You can show potential clients your level of skill by referring to past work, whether it’s writing a book, writing for a magazine, or writing for a newspaper, among many other types of writing.

However, if you have not previously worked as a writer, you have a somewhat long road to real success and an adequate income. Start by creating a website for your freelance business so that you begin to build a presence on the internet. Of course, that’s just the start, and explaining how to get your site to place well is an article for another day, but there is plenty of online help.

Remember to include your website as a clickable link in all your email and correspondence, which will help to bring traffic to your website to learn more about what you do. Take advantage of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which can help you to get your name out there and network with businesses, other writers, and other freelancers in general. LinkedIn focuses on business. Facebook allows you to set up a page for free and take advantage of this, create your page, and get busy promoting. Exchange likes with others and builds a network of relevant, potential clients.

Great, we’ve touched on several key areas to become a successful freelance writer, but you might be wondering about the writing part of the equation. A good writer can articulate well and engage the reader, and they are fluent in the language they are writing in. Remember, spelling and grammar are essential too. So if you can write, it won’t be long before you are making it work.