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Is Your Writing Good Enough to Get Published?

There are all kinds of published authors. When we hear the word author, it conjures up visions of big thick juicy books that we can’t put down or dry boring textbooks that put us to sleep. However, every writer is an author, whether they are good or bad remains to be seen. There are many writers, but not all of them find their works printed.

That printing can be in the form of a printed book, a news article, a magazine article, an article published online, an e-book, etc. When your writing is exciting, engaging, and quality, you will find you have readers find you, read what you have written, and even share your essays.

Today, more than any other time in history, it is easy to become a published writer. No longer do you have to seek out a publishing company that’s willing to risk-taking on a new author, and remember every year they see thousands of manuscripts but print only a select number. Today, you can publish your books, thanks to several services offered online.

The same applies to journalist content in magazines and newspapers. Today you no longer have to wait for that exciting opportunity. You can start publishing your writings today at a number on online publications, article banks, and magazines.

But that doesn’t mean you are successful because almost all of these types of publishing come with no revenue to you. Even publishing your book does not mean you are going to make all kinds of money. There’s a misconception that if you publish it and it will sell. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that anyone can publish, even those who are not great writers. It also means that great writers can publish, but without the right marketing, they may never sell a single book. So keep this in mind.

Before jumping into any self-publishing contract, read the details thoroughly, and make sure it is what you think it is. One way to self publish that costs you virtually nothing is through Amazon Kindle. It’s a great place to start to become recognized as a credible author.

When you are working to become published, remember that your grammar is nearly as crucial as your writing. Your writing submission will be looked at for content, spelling, grammar, use of the English language, etc.

Is your writing good enough to get published? There’s only one way to find out. If writing is your passion, why not try to get published and go from there?