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How to Complete Copywriting Fast

The rate you charge your client is entirely up to you, but remember, the faster you are, the more you make an hour. Of course, being fast must also produce quality copywriting. If you wish, you could write faster, and you are going to want to read this article.

You may be surprised to learn that those copywriters who are working from home are generally not very efficient at expediting client jobs, and here’s why:

#1 They use a laptop
Laptops are certainly convenient, but when you are sitting at a laptop, all day long working, it doesn’t work if they are not designed for production or speed. The keys are far too small, the touchpads are a pain, and the screen is too small. If you are serious about working as a full-time copywriter from home, get rid of the laptop, and invest in a good old fashion desktop computer!

#2 Improper File Saving
You may be surprised to learn that most copywriters have no idea the correct way to save files. They keep slogging away overwriting the original file. Then something goes wrong. The data gets corrupt, the client wants something from the previous file, or you accidentally delete the file. If you worked in a corporate environment, proper file backup would be part of the protocol. What you should be doing is saving the file over and over again ñ every 5 or 10 minutes with a new name, every time you make a major change, etc. Implement a smart file saving protocol, and it will save you tons of time at some point, plus it will help you stand out against the competition.

#3 Poorly Organized Files and Documents
Many copywriters have an inferior way of keeping their client’s documents and files sorted and easily achievable. Many donít use templates, they don’t create a folder, their email is unorganized, etc. and what happens is time is wasted looking for things. If you were to add up the time you spend looking for things, you would likely be shocked. So get organized!

#4 Forgotten Passwords
You know how it is. Everywhere you go, it seems you have to create a password, and so you do. Then later, you get back to the site, and you canít remember what the password was. Itís annoying, frustrating, and a waste of time. But it doesnít have to be. Either use a password saving system or track them in excel or some other form where you can quickly find them.

Try these four tips, and youíll find yourself working faster and more efficiently.