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10 Copywriting Tips That Work

If you want to improve your copywriting skills, you’ll want to check out these ten copywriting tips that are proven to work. The marketplace barely tolerates sales writing, so companies and entrepreneurs are looking for copywriters that have a record of success. Boring copywriting is an immediate failing grade. These 15 tips will help you keep it exciting and engaging.

  1. Vary the length of your sentences so that you have short, medium, and long sentences. This will create rhythm within your writing.
  2. Make your average sentence 15-18 words in length.
  3. Take your scalpel and cut out those overweight sentences and the words that arenít needed. Keep your writing clean and crisp, so it is easy to read and understand. Donít use fluff!
  4. Split sentences that are too long into two sentences, sometimes even three. Use connecting words like and, because, or, etc.
  5. A sure sign you are a novelist is paragraphs that are too long. Keep your paragraphs short and containing only one thought. Two to three sentences are good. Always start a new sentence when the thought changes.
  6. Sales writing requires patience, especially if you plan to be good at it. Readers are also impatient. They want to read and know whatís going on. They don’t want fluff or long-windedness. They want clear, concise writing.
  7. Break up your pageís content by using headings and bulleted or numbered lists. All of these make reading much easier for visitors.
  8. Use language that’s positive. This means to tell your reader what they can or will achieve using the product or service. Avoid using negativism because this puts the reader into more mediocre spirits, and they are far less likely to buy.
  9. Don’t confuse showy writing with sales writing. Donít use words just because they have a buzz and sound impressive. Leave the jargon on someone else’s copy.
  10. Write in a language the reader can easily understand. 

These 10 top tips work well, so don’t delay and start using them today. Before long, you’ll see an improvement in your copywriting. There’s plenty of work for good copywriters, so continue to hone your skills, and before long, you’ll be one of the best of the best in the copywriting world.