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4 Easy Tips for writing more persuasively

Do you want to write a message that commands the readers to take instant action? Are you tired of writing dry, unengaging, and dull texts, blog posts, or letters? Great! You are in the right place. In this article, I am going to teach you the four easy tips that will guide you to write an engaging piece of text.

1. Avoid redundant information 

As you write your article, ensure that you edit your text carefully to avoid having repeated information within your writing. Every word that you include should count. Remember, when some words, clauses, or lines are repeated, chances are, the reader will be pissed off, and this will minimize the possibilities of taking action. 

Moreover, you should ensure that you include only relevant information with specific examples. Information that doesn’t help readers reduces their concentration, and they may not read your text to the end. Consequently, no action will be taken. 

2. Tell stories 

Stories and illustrations explain concepts better than long plain texts. It becomes easier for readers to receive new ideas when they are presented in story form. Do you ever ask yourself why children memorize the stories they were told when they were young but can’t recall what they were taught in school one week ago? It is because of the way the ideas are presented to them.

However, it is not just any story that will trigger your readers to take action. You should try as much as possible to use a compelling story. Indeed, your writing will be very persuasive if you include such a story.

3. Appeal to logic 

Logic is what makes the ideas and facts presented in your writing appeal to your reader’s sense of reason. Using logic in persuasive writing ensures that the reader is not worked up as such. Moreover, it keeps out anger and emotions as you appeal to the readers. You (the writer) will have the grounds to back up your ideas using hard facts. Consequently, your readers will develop a positive attitude toward your writing, and they will be triggered to take action.

Sometimes, you may find yourself writing about controversial issues. The use of critical thinking and logic skills will be the handiest tool to make your writing as persuasive as possible. 

4. use small sentences and paragraphs 

Typically, long sentences and paragraphs make the text boring. Therefore, if you want your writing to be as persuasive as possible, you should ensure that these two aspects are addressed. Be brief and straight to the point. Try to highlight the key issues. As a result, the readers will be motivated to read from the start to the end and take action afterward.

Final verdict 

The primary objective for writing a persuasive text is to convince the reader that what you are writing about is perfect for them, and they should take action. The four tips discussed in this article will help you in your writing. Try them!