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Are You Looking to Become an Accomplished Writer?

Do you like to write? Do you consider yourself a good writer? Have you been wondering how you could use your skills to work to earn an income? There are plenty of writing opportunities available to the writer who has excellent skills. You can become an accomplished writer in no time at all.

You’ll need to begin by determining what type of writing you do best. Then youíll want to think about whether there’s a specific topic you like to write on or whether you have an area of expertise. You can always expand into other areas of writing later. In the early days, when you are trying to establish a reputation for being an excellent writer, it’s best if you keep your writing to the areas where you can shine the most.

Next, you’ll need to think about whether you want to work as a freelancer on your own from home, or if you want to work for someone else. If you are looking to find employment with a company with benefits as opposed to being your boss, you are going to have to go after things in a lot of different manners.

For this article, we will assume that you want to work as a freelancer. You can start to build your reputation by beginning to find work on one or more of the many freelancer websites on the net. Sites like Vworker, Guru, and Elance are just a few of the sites that offer freelancer opportunities for writers and others.

Once you have signed up, you can begin to look at job postings and begin to bid. Initially, you are going to have to underbid most others to get the opportunity to win the project. However, as time goes by, and you begin to build a reputation as an accomplished writer, youíll be able to earn much more.

Writing rates online run from two to ten cents a word depending on the topic, the client, and your experience. In recent years, competition has been stiff, so rates have been declining. However, there is still some excellent money to be made as an accomplished writer online.

There are tons of excellent writing forums that can help you with tips on writing online, as well as networking with other professionals in your field and potential clients. If you are a skilled writer, even if you do not have formal education, the opportunities are genuine. You can build your reputation as an accomplished writer.