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Do You Know How to Write Good Marketing Copy?

There are all kinds of writing, and many have their own set of criteria. This is especially true with marketing copy. If you want to write good marketing copy, make sure you include the seven most essential components.

Marketing copy is much different because you are trying to convert viewers to a follower or paying customers buying your product or service, signing up for a newsletter or free something, etc. It is all about conversion. To have successful conversion rates, your marketing copy must:

  1. Have a refined keyword strategy. You should have the main keyword and two or three secondary keywords that will be used in your marketing copy. Aim for around a 2% density with your primary keyword.
  2. Include a sign-up form where visitors can subscribe to your monthly newsletter, new product information, etc. This is very important because the minute they sign up, you now have access to send them product information and market to them. You have effectively converted your visitor.
  3. Networking is essential to building and increasing traffic to your site. You can build networks within your marketing copy by sharing links on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Squidoo, etc. You must lead people back to your website, to your marketing copy, etc.
  4. Article marketing is a potent marketing tool. You write articles that submit them to article banks or create a blog where you post them, and then you provide a link back to your website. This one-way link is compelling in the search engines, so it helps your rankings, and you also grow your traffic because they found your article interesting, and so clicked the link to your site.
  5. Placing your marketing copy on your blog is a great way to generate traffic. Blog posts are indexed very quickly, and you can even ping them, which lets people following your blog know that you have posted new content. Make sure you take advantage of what a blog can do for you.

We have given you some great tips for creating good marketing copy, but make no mistake; website marketing requires a lot of work for it to be successful and for you to turn a site into a cash machine. So stick with it, make sure your marketing copy is top-notch, and wait to see results.