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How to Write Advertising Copy That Works

Advertising copy can be one of those laborious tasks for a copywriter. It’s pretty common to put something together and then decide it’s just far too dull for what you are trying to accomplish, but at the same time, you donít want to fill your copy with a bunch of hype ñ so how does one draw attention and find the middle ground for successful advertising copy? Glad you asked. You’ll want to read on for some great advice on creating advertising copy that works.

There’s no question that writing copy thatís good can be challenging. To begin with, it’s a good idea to understand the product you are writing about. It will make it much easier for you to promote it if you know at least what its highlights or perks are – you know the things about it you are going to promote in your ad copy.

When you are writing ad copy, the object is to get the reader to respond in a specific way – buy the product, sign up for the newsletter, volunteer for the event, etc. This is also where a great deal of ad copy falls. The copywriter does a great job of promoting the product/service but then forget the ìhookî at the end thatís going to convert the reader to a customer. And at the end of the day, it is all about conversion rates.

Once you have written your ad copy, you need to ask yourself, does my ad copy stand out? Will it get noticed? Is it richer, better, sexier than the competitions? If the answer is yes great, you are on the right path, but if you answered no, youíll need to go back and work on your ad copy some more. Whatever you are selling thereís probably a dozen other people are selling the same thing, so you have to be able to make your ad more appealing, without just filling it with a bunch of hype, and you certainly donít want to be dishonest in what you are saying.

Letís look at an example. Letís say you are writing ad copy for an e-book that you will be selling about writing ad copy. You create ad copy that says, Learn how to Writer Good Ads Online. Now there is nothing wrong with that, except it’s pretty run of the mill or ordinary and so it’s not going to jump out and grab those web surfers and convert them to customers. Now what if you wrote it to say, Are you Tired of Ads That Flop – Create Ads that Sell! Wouldn’t that be far more catchy and likely to convert your web traffic into paying customers?

So you get the idea here. To write good ad copy that works, you need to stand out, and you need to do that honestly but effectively.